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Art & Cocktails: Exploring the World of Contemporary Art, Creativity, Business, and Inspiration


Join host Ekaterina Popova, artist and founder of Create! Magazine, as she uncorks the vibrant and multifaceted world of contemporary art, creative entrepreneurship, mindset, and creativity one episode at a time. Welcome to "Art & Cocktails," a podcast where artists, creatives, dreamers, and artpreneurs gather to share their journeys and their art over their favorite drinks.

Building on the success of the "Create!" podcast, Ekaterina steers the artistic conversation towards more intimate, heart-to-heart discussions that fuel the spirit and inspire the artist's soul. Tune in for insightful, honest discussions with leading artists, curators, writers, coaches, leaders, and artpreneurs who not only share their journeys in the creative world but also enjoy a "fireside chat" over a glass of wine or a cup of tea. This podcast offers a rich blend of inspiration, art business insights, and the simple joy of sipping your favorite beverage while discussing what lights your heart on fire.

Pour your favorite drink into a beautiful cup, get comfy, and settle down for a session of "Art & Cocktails" each week. Let's celebrate the artist in all of us with a toast to creativity and the limitless possibilities it brings to our lives.

Jul 5, 2023

Join host Ekaterina Popova in a fun and insightful conversation with artist Anthony Rondinone as they dive into his work and the inspiration behind his intriguing pop characters. Anthony shares valuable insights into the darker side of his art, skillfully expressing melancholy and nostalgia while infusing a touch of humor into his creations. Despite lacking a formal art education, Anthony takes us on his journey of creating these distinctive pop characters and reveals his fascination with moments that seamlessly transition from joy to sorrow. The discussion also explores the profound influence of Sesame Street characters, specifically Cookie Monster, and how Anthony expertly incorporates personal experiences and perspectives into his work. Prepare to explore thought-provoking themes such as addiction, family, and societal issues related to food and nutrition, as Anthony emphasizes that his art conveys deeper meanings beyond surface-level silliness. The conversation delves into the significance of discussing and interpreting art and sheds light on Anthony's unique transition from a successful music career to pursuing visual art. To wrap up, Anthony shares a delightful anecdote about a fun proposal that took place at one of his exhibitions.

Anthony Rondinone is an American painter born and raised in the Bronx, New York. His expressive stylistic portraits are his tool to convey the raw emotions that are common in poor immigrant communities such as his, like addiction, isolation, depression, and anger. 

With his works, the artist aims to encourage self-reflection and tap into the viewer's emotions, asking them to establish a personal connection with the featured characters in order to gain a deeper understanding of themselves and others. In establishing this intimate moment of confrontation, the artist shows that there is a certain beauty in sadness or even in the ugly side of humanity.

"I've been using certain pop characters to portray different groups in society. Sesame Street reminds me of the Bronx, and each character has started to represent a different type of personality from where I grew up. For example, Cookie Monster is the typical addict you would pass by on the street without thinking twice, but he actually is an incredibly sad character when you stop to think about his life."

The artist currently lives and works in New York, USA.



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