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Art & Cocktails: Exploring the World of Contemporary Art, Creativity, Business, and Inspiration


Join host Ekaterina Popova, artist and founder of Create! Magazine, as she uncorks the vibrant and multifaceted world of contemporary art, creative entrepreneurship, mindset, and creativity one episode at a time. Welcome to "Art & Cocktails," a podcast where artists, creatives, dreamers, and artpreneurs gather to share their journeys and their art over their favorite drinks.

Building on the success of the "Create!" podcast, Ekaterina steers the artistic conversation towards more intimate, heart-to-heart discussions that fuel the spirit and inspire the artist's soul. Tune in for insightful, honest discussions with leading artists, curators, writers, coaches, leaders, and artpreneurs who not only share their journeys in the creative world but also enjoy a "fireside chat" over a glass of wine or a cup of tea. This podcast offers a rich blend of inspiration, art business insights, and the simple joy of sipping your favorite beverage while discussing what lights your heart on fire.

Pour your favorite drink into a beautiful cup, get comfy, and settle down for a session of "Art & Cocktails" each week. Let's celebrate the artist in all of us with a toast to creativity and the limitless possibilities it brings to our lives.

Jun 14, 2023

In this episode, Hayley Price and Kat share effective strategies for artists to connect with their audience and promote their work. They highlight the importance of thoroughly understanding your audience to identify the ideal platforms and events for engagement. While acknowledging Instagram as an excellent platform, they also recommend exploring other options such as hosting your own show or attending events. Additionally, they suggest building an email list as a backup means of reaching and connecting with your customer base. They caution against relying solely on social media platforms like Instagram and stress the significance of email marketing for artists to grow.

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